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संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका के अलास्का राज्य से हमारे शहर देहरादून आईं हैं मनोचिकित्सक मिलेनिया जेम्स। जून का महीना हमारी तरह उनके लिए भी छुट्टियां बिताने का होता है। पर वह किसी रिश्तेदार संग यह समय बिताने की जगह हर बार चुनती हैं कुछ अजनबियों को। अजनबी शब्द शायद उनके और हमारे रिश्ते के लिए ठीक […]

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What is BUILDING DREAMS all about ?

Is Building Dreams a NGO? No, not exactly . Are we a startup ? No, not exactly . So what we are upto … Here it goes Building Dreams is all about helping every individual in every way possible . We are here to make a difference . We don’t want anyone left behind . […]

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Drug Addiction ~ Isn’t it something holding us back, bounding the youth! We come across cases of Illicit Trafficking of Drugs some or the other day. Youngsters contribute to a major part of consuming drugs. They take it initially for pleasure and to make them feel light, away from all the pains but the after […]

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It was a big day for me, it was for the first time that I’d be walking for an international company. Gosh! I couldn’t imagine. The red ramp. The thousands of spectators. And guess what? They’d be there to watch me walk. I looked into my own reflection, in the rear view mirror of my […]

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Dear Dad, I hope you read it and not just read, l hope you understand why I’ve penned this down. I know, dad that I’ve been a constant weight pulling you down all these years. I’ve never meant to do this, you know. But, I’m bad at words, I’ve never found enough lines to tell […]

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The Beauty of Womanhood .

She looks like the Beauty of Dawn, Growing towards the Universe unknown She is the cynosure of all eyes But who knows the unknown Story Of her cries Of her Sacrifice What makes her phenomenal? Her curves? The colour of her skin? No, it’s just her Robust Strength And her Blindingly Brilliant light This makes […]

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What is BUILDINGDREAMS all about ??

Is BuildingDreams a NGO? No, not exactly. Are we a startup? No, not exactly. So what we are up to … Here it goes Building Dreams is all about helping every individual in every possible way. We are here to make some real changes. We don’t want any people left behind. You can say we […]

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Dare to Dream!

Building Dreams is an Initiative of 13 members, born and brought up at different parts of India; united together by heart! The aim of this NGO is to bring together the people of slums and provide them numerous opportunities apart from studies in order to give them a better future by making them explore their […]

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In The God’s Field Of Beauty

In the God’s Field of Beauty, On the edge of life! Away from the laws of Man And the false dungeons of Hyped Dictators I found Peace! Leaving behind the place Where my body perished. No, I never hastened for Eternity God brought me himself, In his field of Beauty! There was a firmament Amidst […]

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