Drug Addiction

~ Isn’t it something holding us back, bounding the youth! We come across cases of Illicit Trafficking of Drugs some or the other day. Youngsters contribute to a major part of consuming drugs. They take it initially for pleasure and to make them feel light, away from all the pains but the after effects are really damaging. From taking it for pleasure the journey continues till the major destruction of a being. Some come out of this trap after Rehabilitation but some loose the battle from their …


A Tired Head
Resting on Weak Palms
Depleted Look
I Wonder Why did you Harm?
To The Person
Who was once Vivacious
Has now turned off the lights
Lost all the Grace and Charm!

A Piece of Paper
Folded between the fingers
Broken Syringes
Scattered all Around ‘THE COCAINE STAINED LIPS’
Made you bound!

You lay on footpath
With thousand eyes fixed,
But no one bothers
Because everyone is busy
Solving their Jigs’

You have no Stage
No one to run behind you
No one to bid Adieu
Only the Drugs
Scattered Around ‘Cause you liked ‘THE COCAINE STAINED LIPS!’
And Hugged the darkness
You found!