Dare to Dream!

Building Dreams is an Initiative of 13 members, born and brought up at different parts of India; united together by heart!

The aim of this NGO is to bring together the people of slums and provide them numerous opportunities apart from studies in order to give them a better future by making them explore their present!

We also counsel students at regular intervals by visiting schools both private and government, in order to make them aware of the better opportunities in future! We also organize competitions, sports, seminars, quizzes and lot more recreational activities for kids to keep their life balanced with studies and develop the skills of leadership, teamwork, self-confidence and guide them to the right path. With the aim of providing equal opportunities to every student, we ask them give dare to dream and make them come true.

We dream everyday, but do all our dreams come true? Yes, we can make it happen, it all lies within us, it’s for us to take the dare of dreaming and making them come true!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Our Website : www.walkingalone.online

Connect to us : mailbuildingdreams@gmail.com14315633_1043103919121254_214017197_o