Let us make sure This puja no one is left back . Let us all come together and spread FESTIVE JOY for those who just dream of it . I AM READY FOR A CHANGE , ARE YOU??

We all come across number of people wearing ragged clothes, lying at one or the other corners of street, begging asking for food. At that time we take it for granted but when we reach home we realize what a big mistake we did by not helping them. This event is organized keeping in mind “THE JOY OF GIVING”. We all are human beings and deserve to be happy. But some people among us are lagging behind to enjoy their lives the way they want. Away even from the basic needs of clothes, food and shelter.

Why to step back when we can help? Come let’s join hands together and share with them the joy of giving.

If any of you wants to donate something or the other for such people not necessarily money you can contact us
@ +919720592667 , +917895336969 +917579210469.

If commuting is the problem we’ll be there at your door.


For information and updates visit our Facebook page.Click here to visit


Event 2:

we are taking short stories and poems from all over the world to publish them into a book under our publishing house. For each entry you need to pay only a meager sum of twenty rupees (20 inr). Once Your entry is selected for proof reading and screening we will pay you 500 rupees as a token of appreciation. I think it is worth sending your entries. Top 15 entries get cash prize of 1000 rupees with additional gifts.

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