He sat on the floor
Doors closed and alone
No more Ranting
No more Noise
Serene world draping him into the ultimate world of silence
Inhaling that slow killing powder felt more relaxing
The needles that were piercing into his skin, felt more soothing
The vision started blurring and the night engulfed him into his darkness.
The craving for the timely dose of poison escalated day by day
turning him into a living dead creature.
He became another firefly dwindling in a ferocious storm lost and helpless.
They called him gross
He chose the dose
He found solace from the bullying by shutting down the windows and welcoming the aloof hell.
Then came an angel, holding his hand and patting his back
She stood by his side and made him alive.
A word of love and a gesture of care made his gruesome world relive.
Days flew and came another morning and night
But the dreadful past never came back in the armor of the knight.
She gave the shade to that dwindling firefly
Soon the storm passed by
the glowing firefly is back with more shine.

Ps : It’s always the love, warmth and a heartfelt support that’s needed to withstand and relive any situation in life. Let’s be those hands of support.

© Amrita Rayudu