It was a big day for me, it was for the first time that I’d be walking for an international company.
Gosh! I couldn’t imagine. The red ramp. The thousands of spectators.
And guess what?
They’d be there to watch me walk. I looked into my own reflection, in the rear view mirror of my new Mercedes.
I looked gorgeous. I couldn’t stop smiling at my own self. I am a star now, The Rhea.

Just as I was setting my hair for the umpteenth time now, admiring myself all the while. The car stopped at a signal, it was scorching outside, and even looking out of my black shaded car window gave a strong glare to my eyes and I looked away, to find a girl.
Yes, she was a girl, hardly twelve or thirteen years, carrying a cane basket, seemingly heavier than her own self, filled in beautiful garlands.
She was selling those for her hunger, and for her family probably. Or who knows if she even had one.
But the smile,
With that she was the richest girl on the planet. The signal turned green and the strong soul soon moved out of my sight, I couldn’t stop then,
but someday I’d.
I’d stop by the signal and probably smile with her, someday I’ll be as strong as her if not more.