Dear Dad,

I hope you read it and not just read, l hope you understand why I’ve penned this down.

I know, dad that I’ve been a constant weight pulling you down all these years. I’ve never meant to do this, you know. But, I’m bad at words, I’ve never found enough lines to tell you that l do love you and l do crave for a smile you throw at every one, but me.
I thought you’d know that but its okay, dad.
I’m sorry dad, l know you wanted your son to be a doctor, and l can never be the either of these.
I’m sorry for everything that I’ve been doing endlessly, putting you down. I’m sorry for never having enough of anything of your meagre needs.
But dad, do you realise, l could never be me, for l wanted to be called yours?
You don’t. That’s fine, its not your fault. Its mine.
So, here’s me releasing the weight. I won’t hold you back, dad, promise.
Smile, once for the last time, please?

Never enough daughter.

– Jayeesha