What is BUILDINGDREAMS all about ??

Is BuildingDreams a NGO?

No, not exactly.

Are we a startup?

No, not exactly.

So what we are up to … Here it goes

Building Dreams is all about helping every individual in every possible way. We are here to make some real changes. We don’t want any people left behind. You can say we are your distant friends living far away from you but we promise to help you build your dreams along with you.  If, you love to write. We welcome you with open arms. Come write blogs, stories or poems or anything you like. We have a dedicated team to go through your writings which will be published in our site and our various official social pages for the whole world to see. So, cheer up your writings will no more be only yours. Now you have a huge audience to see what you write.  Don’t be startled when in few days’ time you see lot of blogs on Foods, Tourist Destinations, Life journeys and experiences coming up in our official social pages and our website. They will be submitted by different people all over the globe   . Same goes with your candid clicks. So do send us your entries. In no time you can see how your photos take the world by storm. From a single person in the first day, two in the second, 13 in the third day . We are growing at an amazing rate. By the time you finish reading this at least our volunteers team has grown up by one. Yes, as of now I can proudly say we have A team to boast. We welcome everyone to be part of our journey. No matter where you are. Period

We won’t just stick to this. If you ever thought of writing a book or going live with a website. You are in the write place reading this. We not only guarantee that we are the cheapest in the market but also make sure you get proper guidance throughout your journey. We believe in building a big family. Once you join us we make sure we treat you with so much love and compassion that you stick to us for years. As of now we are taking short stories and poems from all over the world to publish them into a book under our publishing house. For each entry you need to pay only a meagre sum of twenty rupees (20 inr). Once Your entry is selected for proof reading and screening we will pay you 500 rupees as a token of appreciation. I think it is worth sending your entries. Top 15 entries get cash prize of 1000 rupees with additional gifts.

We are planning for various district and state levels events. Which will help us create a healthy competitive attitude among people. Our event management team is quite competent to make your event a grand success. Please give us an opportunity so that we can serve you better.

You might be thinking why i didn’t talk of our NGO. Good things come last. Is not it??

Our Ngo take most of our time. We take our social responsibilities very seriously.  So, i thought why don’t i bring this topic at the end. Now i am sure You know why we are not just a NGO.

NGO under the banner of BREAKING DREAMS will work on certain domain so that our future generation have a bright future.

what we want to do as a ngo –

  1. From teaching children at slums,
  2. starting small scale business for women at different places so they have a steady passive income,
  3. counselling students of standard 10th and 12th   at regular intervals in various government schools to make sure they have lot of opportunity to explore when they leave their schools,
  4. re-admitting school drop outs so that they get to explore how powerful education is,
  5. Taking responsibility to fill up forms of various competitive examinations that too for free for as many bpl family students as we can.
  6. Our NGO won’t let any children beg. We are planning to be in constant touch with 1098 regarding this.
  7. We don’t want any people to sleep hungry. To achieve this task, we are forming a special team along with our volunteers so that surplus food from parties and household can be collected and distributed among people who really need it.
  8. We will conduct various events like public speaking, debates, sports meet, drawing competition, craft classes in regular intervals as we believe “only studies and no play makes jack a dull boy”.

We do know journey ahead won’t be as smooth as we thought it to be .  As team we are going to overcome each obstacle that comes our way and transform them into milestone.